All things are Possible

All things are Possible

In his Presence
Obey Your Heart

Obey Your Heart

Respond to God
More Than Worship

More Than Worship

Experience God
One People, One Voice, One Heart

One People, One Voice, One Heart

Lifted to God
more than worship

more than worship

experience god

Event Date & Time

2 December 2018 @ 4:00pm
@3:00pm starts Red Carpet

Event Location

The Hub Event Center, #187 Peter Odili Road, Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

About Church Without Borders

Church Without Borders is an evangelistic para-church Non-Governmental Organization established to support mainstream church. The essence of our existence is to;

  • Facilitate unconventional evangelistic outreaches to Millennials in Nigeria, starting from the city of Port Harcourt.
  • Provide a non-denominational, non-doctrinal atmosphere, where the unchurched can be reached in an atmosphere of warmth and worship.
  • Support youths, create a clear vision for their future, and help them methodically pursue meaningful goals.
  • Partner with mainstream church to disciple new converts, to assure sustainable impact and transformation.
  • Provide a platform to hunt for, promote and unleash gospel music talents, who will act as role models for younger impressionable Christians.
  • Provide a platform for scouting for acting talents and production of contemporary Christian movies, to tell our story our own way.
  • We also intend to provide a social media discipleship platform, for Christians to connect as we encourage each other to assure;
  1. Spiritual Depth – transformational thinking.
  2. Spiritual Strength – capacity to stand against odds and come out victorious.
  3. Get equipped for life – clear vision, positive mindset and wisdom to excel..
  • We exist as a platform for positive change, & practical godliness, releasing the potentials of young people to serve as epistles in our community..


About Worship+

Every individual is created with a unique rhythmic heart beat. However medical science has uncovered a phenomenal finding; when a group of people lift their voices and hearts in worship….their hearts begin to beat in unison as one mighty heart!

At Worship+ we break denominational and doctrinal boundaries, as we, with one mighty heart and one voice offer the sacrifice of worship to the God of heaven. This we do to provoke His manifest presence, knowing that anything is possible in His presence.

We recognize we are all imperfect people, called into the perfect love of God. So at Worship+, it does not matter who you are or where you’ve been, all that matters is the need to create an atmosphere where the fragrance of heaven can fill our lives and heal our land. So, if you are a lover of God, you will find kindred here….

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worship+ 2018

The biggest worship event in Port Harcourt is here again.
Last year was phenomenal. Great worship leaders were present to give God praise and worship. This year’s event will greatly phenomenal. Worship leaders from across Nigeria will gather in December to praise and worship.
You have to be present with your friends, families and colleagues.
If you have seen the hand of God in your yearly activities, this is one opportunity to utilize to your advantage and worship Him.
God loves His people to worship Him. Come and worship God with other Christians in one accord. Click the button below to register.


To help us plan and manage the event more effectively, we urge you to register your attendance on or before 23rd November 2018. Ensure you save your unique identifier number. Entrance is free, however your number will be requested at the entrance. This process is simply to help us manage our logistics and protocol arrangements. We are counting on your cooperation.


Arrangements have been made with the Nigeria Police, to provide security surveillance around the venue of the event.

As an attendee, you are also encouraged to be careful in the handling of your personal effects. And as much as possible, avoid any flaunting of expensive jewelry or other personal effects.


The parking space within the ground of the Hub event center is limited in the number of cars it can hold. Be informed that you may have to park along the road or in the grounds of surrounding facilities, with whom we will have an understanding. We will provide some protocol services to support you.


We will have first aides available to provide initial medical response, to handle first aid cases and any minor injuries.








Register For Event Before 23/11/2018

Click the button below to Register before 23/11/2018 and get a customized hand band for free on the day of the event.


how to support worship+

Choose from the list below to support us!


The Hub Event Center And Lounge, #187 Peter Odili Road, Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

+234 (0)80 8233 9421



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